2014 begins with a rise in the price of zucchini and peppers

2014 has begun with good prices for most products , but especially for the zucchini (around one euro per kilo) and peppers, being green Italian type the best price at the moment, with an average of 1.45 per kilo.

Low temperatures that are occurring these last days in Almeria nights have benefited prices of zucchini, that compared to last week gained their quotes. Specifically , the fine type is best priced (around 1 euro per kilo) , followed by large sizes (around 75 cents) and white, which remains at 70 cents average these days.

Along with zucchini , bell pepper has also seen a price increase this past week in most types, especially in the green Italian, climbing to 1.45 euros per kilo , followed by yellow California , which also has shown good data this week and has reached 1.23 euros on average. Behind noteworthy quote lamuyo both red and green , which recorded a rise these days reaching the first 1.19 euros and 1.05 euros the second . Also above the euro lamuyo shown red , while green is the weakest California these days , with prices that reach 85 cents a kilo .

Regarding the cucumber, the Almería type is the only one that has gone up in price these days , compared to last week, as it stands at 69 cents on average, while French is less than 50 cents. Best is short , yes that exceeds 90 cents .

The tomato also maintains similar to last week’s prices, as well as between their types , as both the mature and the salad are within the range of 50 cents per kilo.

In general , most of the vegetables are keeping at affordable prices in the beginning of the year.

Source: www.freshplaza.es