Difficult season for broccoli

Against all expectations there is more than enough broccoli on the market, says a Dutch importer. A shortage of broccoli and other Spanish product was predicted due to the drought in the region, but nothing could be less true. “The supply is very good and so is the quality.” This also makes it a difficult season, as the large supply pressures the prices.

Packaging or industry

“These months could make the season fun. You hope to sell broccoli bought more expensively between October and December for higher prices in January to compensate. However the supply is so big that we can’t make good prices. It’s a question of whether we should package the broccoli or just send it to the industry. It could be that the market will look different at the end of February, but I don’t see the situation changing for now.”

Wrong signal

The hope is that broccoli won’t end up like stone fruit, says the importer. The last season was very good in price this means it may be possible that Spanish growers planted considerably more broccoli. “This got completely out of hand in stone fruit, as agricultural subsidies gave the wrong signal and so the market was disrupted,” concludes the importer.


Source: www.freshplaza.com