Spain: 2,800 hectares of stone fruit damaged by rainfall and hail in Murcia

The heavy rains recorded last Friday in several areas of the Region of Murcia have caused considerable damage in some places, such as the Vega Media and the Ricote Valley.
The storms, which came accompanied by hail, lasted for the entire afternoon, causing apricot, nectarine, peach and paraguayo peach plantations to be affected.
The recently appointed Councillor of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Miguel Ángel del Amor, visited the most affected areas on Saturday and said that “after a first evaluation, we have estimated that about 2,800 hectares have been damaged.”
The Councillor told the growers affected that they will have the support of the regional government. The most affected crops are peaches, apricots, nectarines, grapevine, paraguayo peaches and table grapes, mainly in the municipalities of Ulea, Fortuna and Molina de Segura, as well as in some areas of Jumilla and Santomera.
Del Amor stressed that the Council’s technicians “immediately started working together with those affected in order to have an accurate assessment of the damage as soon as possible.”
“That is the first step that must be taken: assessing the damage. Then, as soon as we have that information, we will convey them to the Ministry of Agriculture, so that it can quickly enforce the necessary support measures.”
The stone fruit campaign is in full swing during these months, and the storm also caused damage to branches and leaves, as well as to fruit, which as a result, will only be suitable for juice production.