Dutch retailers switching to Spanish products

True to tradition, the switch to Spanish products is currently underway in the Netherlands. Retailers in this country usually gradually change to products from a different place of origin. Many Dutch greenhouse products slowly disappear from store shelves during this period.

The quality of bell peppers has declined sharply over the last few weeks. The last of the bell peppers are being harvested now. People must be vigilant to ensure that the quality of these products not to decline so far as to fall below that of Class I level. The Dutch Quality Control Bureau (KCB) is finding more and more inferior bell peppers during their inspections. These are often malformed, blemished, and have thrip infestation.

The quality of tomatoes is considerably better. Here, the level of quality remains much higher until the end of the cultivation season. The KCB also comes across better quality tomatoes from later harvests. Aubergines and cucumbers are being seen less often during the KCB’s visits. The quality of these products is still at an acceptable level.

The KCB is still also finding Dutch iceberg lettuce in the stores. October’s nice weather means this product’s quality is still surprisingly good.

Spanish products are currently taking an increasingly prominent position on store shelves in the Netherlands. The quality of these greenhouse products is certainly not always of a high level.

Source: www.freshplaza.com