Spanish city of Almeria is world tomato capital for the 5th time

On March 16, the Spanish city of Almeria will become the world’s tomato capital for the fifth consecutive year. Thousands of people will meet there to pay tribute to the Spanish province’s flagship product. To be precise, one billion kilograms of different varieties of tomatoes are shipped each year from Almeria to international markets across the world.

The quality of the product and its key role in the healthy Mediterranean diet, together with its great commercial relevance, are the main reasons to organize an event that will bring together all great tomato suppliers of Almeria. On this occasion, there will be a change of venue, moving from the Plaza Vieja to the Paseo de Almería. This tribute to tomatoes is organized by companies of the horticultural sector, as well as local media (La Voz de Almería and SER Almería), and has the institutional support of the City Council of the capital, the Provincial Council, the Government of Andalusia and Cajamar. The great affluence of public in every edition so far has been striking and shows the pride of the locals about the tomatoes grown in Almeria.