How we work SAMAL has always been aware of the importance that the orders are 100% adjusted to the needs of every Importer, not only regarding the exact quantities, but also aspects such as weights, sizes, palletization, etcetera. That is why every single order is previously analysed by Samal, and depending on the number of items required by the Importer, we will resort to one, two, three, or up to five exporters if necessary, with the sole intention of guaranteeing the best possible quality for each item we are loading. It is well known that no co-operative is the best in every product. However, our experience allows us to know which product is the best in each co-operative, and in every moment of the season.    

Quality Control The warehouses we are dealing with have significantly improved their facilities in the last years, incorporating the most modern machinery to ensure a perfect classification of the product, whether this is calibrated by size, or by weight. Thus, the hygiene and quality controls in the warehouses are now a reality. In addition, the following regulations apply:


  • Rat poison controlled by authorised companies, with periodical revisions every year.
  • Machinery and packaging stores separated from the main warehouse areas.
  • Traceability of the product as a process that starts already in the greenhouses, continues in the warehouses, and finishes when delivered in the different destinations. The packaging is now encoded in such a way that you can easily check the date it was packed, as well as the grower that product belongs to.
  • Some warehouses already have a small refrigerated room to keep samples of every consignment. The quality of these samples is thoroughly monitored every day, and the product is kept in that room for one week (time enough to check the keeping and the quality of the dispatched product).


All these measures have only one goal: THE QUALITY.

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